Saving your cart

Previously, your cart would be emptied after a  few days, and it was only accessible on the same device you have used. Now, you can save your cart for as long as you wish, and it is possible to reload it on any other device. Any changes or amendments can be made at a later time on another computer, phone, i-pad or laptop. This comes in handy when working on different locations, or if you want to double check with colleagues before actually placing the order.

5. You can now safely log out. 
6. If you login again, go to your shopping cart to reload your cart. Here's how: 

7. After reloading your cart you can continue to work on your order. If you’ve made changes but not want to place your order just yet, you can save your cart just like before.


  • If you want to continue ordering with your saved cart, always reload it before adding new items, otherwise all items placed in your cart before reloading the first one, will be deleted.

  • You can only save one cart at a time, if you save a new cart, it will override the previously saved cart.

  • When you save your cart it will be saved to your account. If you login again, this can be done on any  device, you can proceed with your order.


This is how you re-order
This is how you find a Set item code based on the underlying individual item code